You might have already labeled yourself as either “a reader” or “not a reader,” but I argue everyone is a reader. If you have labeled yourself as “not a reader” the real problem might be that you just haven’t found your genre yet.

As a writer, reader, and editor, I think about genre a lot. There is so much to talk about! Genres are so endlessly complex, I could literally go on for days just discussing genre by itself.

Surprisingly though, many people seem to forget about the importance of genre. Or maybe the issue lies in confusing genre with…

Couples often need to work as a team to manage their finances. With good communication on both sides, financing with your significant other can be a breeze.

Relationships can be complicated. Finances can be complicated too.

Put relationships and finances together and you can potentially have a very complicated mess on your hands.

Thankfully, neither relationships nor money needs to be complicated if you just know how to have the right conversations.

When you start sharing finances with someone else there are several conversations you’ll need to have:

Talk About How You’ll Set Up Your Finances

There are many options available for how you can set up finances…

Let me tell you a story.

It’s a story about a little girl who grows up and is supposed to find herself, just like many stories are.

So what’s the good of hearing yet another rehashed version of every story ever? I don’t know!

But here it is anyway, take it, how you need it:

A girl grew up in an ordinary house in an ordinary forest, but she didn’t know this yet. …

There may be some inclusive language items that you, as an author, haven’t thought about before. But don’t feel bad! One of the hardest parts about personal bias is that you rarely recognize it until it’s pointed out to you.

The real problem occurs when someone points out a bias and you willfully remain in denial about it and continue on as usual.

We all err and we can all do better. Don’t take it personally, just learn and do better now that you understand and know more than you did before.

What is Inclusive Language?

Inclusive language primarily includes matters pertaining to gender…

Loathing hated everyone and everything around her. She hated this life so she decided to go make another.

First, she had to start by snuffing out everything she ever once was. That wasn’t hard to do. Most of herself had been set on fire years ago anyway.

She watched her old self fizzle away and did not feel a tiny bit of remorse or grief like everyone said she would. That was another thing she hated. She hate, hate, hated all the big feelings people who weren’t her had about her. …

Everything copyeditors wish you knew before submitting your manuscript to a publishing house.

I work as both a professional and freelance copyeditor. That means, a lot of manuscripts come past my desk and when they do, the format of the manuscript is always different.

As a writer myself, I like to choose my own fonts and formatting style, but when you’re about to submit a finished manuscript to a publishing house, it’s important to get the formatting right.

Every publishing house has its own style guide that dictates how manuscripts should be formatted. This prepares the manuscript to eventually be…

When we think of self-care we think about general practices that help people . . . in general. But what about specific self-care tips for writers?

As an avid writer in both my personal and professional life, I know what it’s like to juggle a lot of writing tasks. It can get overwhelming and then burn-out sets in quickly and a thing you once loved to do for fun because something you dread doing every single day.

When you work in a creative industry, you come upon unique challenges and setbacks in your workflow. There is a lot of science…

If the company you work for as a copywriter doesn’t already have a content style guide, then it’ll be your job to make one. Otherwise, it’s your job to make sure the company’s content style guide is up to date.

What is a Style Guide?

A style guide is a detailed reference that helps employees and future employees all remain on the same page in the writing they do for a company. There are many forms of style guides that a company might need:

  • Graphic design style guide
  • SEO style guide
  • Content style guide
  • Ad style guide

These style guides help keep your brand representation…

Whether you’re creating a short-term or a long-term budget, trying to monitor your spending habits, or save money, finding the right budgeting method is essential to financing successfully.

One of the first things you’ll want to think about when researching budget methods is what kind of budget you need. You might need it for the short-term or long-term. You could create a monthly budget, weekly budget, yearly budget, personal finance budget, or small business budget.

Budgets are a helpful way to track your spending habits and save money. …

Everything you need to check before your content is ready for posting and publication.

The first thing you need to do as a freelance editor and content creator is to stop taking errors in your content personally.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the #1 speller in the entire world, errors just happen, and they aren’t necessarily anyone’s fault.

Just because a “there” is where a “their” should be, that doesn’t mean you don’t know the difference between there and their.

There’s a reason editing and editing by multiple people is an essential step in the publication process.

Errors just happen…

Kimber Severance

I love to hike, read, write, draw, and go on strolls with my dog Maisy. I work as a freelance copyeditor for Dorrance Publishing and as a copywriter and editor

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